Why the DHS Findings Should Terrify You

Posted in Security

Research by the DHS indicates a mobile security compromise.

According to researchers at the Department of Homeland Security, some mobile devices have quite a few dangerous security vulnerabilities. In addition to sim-compromises which are not cell phone specific, these vulnerabilities allow hackers to use advanced features on the device and monitor user activity and data. Unfortunately, the news gets worse – these vulnerabilities are not surface level issues, but are nested deep within the mobile devices themselves.

This is just one of many major security flaws that have been found recently. At this time, the researchers do not know if hackers have been able to compromise devices. They also do not know how many devices are affected or what models and brands these devices may be.

Clients interested in our Hidro Security solution should make sure to include this in their concern, if they use mobile for business. For existing clients, this news will come as no surprise, as we have been one of the first firms issuing warnings on mobile devices to clients.