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Your data volume has exploded and customers are calling you constantly about delays with their data. The government passes laws affecting all data and your firm is unprepared to meet the challenge forcing you to pay exorbitant fees for a solution. Your firm has been penetrated by ransomware and now you can't access any of your systems. Your firm's high-availability strategy failed and your customers now have bad data and are threatening to sue.

Or Your Data Could Be ...

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FinTek Development Builds:

Back-End Performance

Back-End Development

Disaster Recovery

Enhanced Monitoring

Continuous Integration

Automated Deployments

Inventory Tracking

Electronic Logbooks

Ransomware Prevention

Hidro Security

Regulatory Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Artificial Intelligence

Predictive Analytics


We have a team that has led their industry, using some of the newest tools before they became popular along with creating solutions that significantly reduced costs. Marketing and innovation produce results; all other business functions product costs. Firms that work with us maximize their data use, while significantly minimizing their costs. Whether you need to grow or whether you need to eliminate waste, we help firms create solutions quickly and with tools that help them lead their industry.


As major hacks continue to embrace the front pages of news sites and cause concerns for data consumers, data firms that do not follow strict security and architecture with their data will pay a heavy price as laws change to penalize firms practicing poor security. As we have successfully predicted, data breaches will only become worse as firms are unprepared to meet the growing challenges. Laws will continue to increase that puts financial and legal pressure on data firms with large amounts of data. From design to performance to innovation, securing and building designs for your data with risk analysis of comprise is our highest priority. Firms that have worked with us were ahead of major regulatory changes before they happened and firms that follow Hidro Security Compliance have never been compromised.

We Help You Scale Your Data

Big data can cause shocking shutdowns and rapidly skyrocket costs for firms unprepared for their data's growth. Can your firm handle your data exploding in a short time period while offering meaningful information to your clients? We have tools that keep your systems online at all times with while your clients have quick access to what they need.

We Prevent You From Security Breaches

According to Maixin Research, over 97% of technical firms with PII data or that work with PII data in the United States are susceptible to security breaches. Are you ready for the thieves lurking in the dark waiting to compromise your data? We have one of the top solutions for preventing security breaches - Hidro Security.

We Help You Comply With Regulations

From GDPR to X10C, are your data compliant with current and future regulations? As more security breaches occur, expect stricter regulations for the data you're storing. In addition to testing your data's compliance, we help prepare your firm for future regulations involving data so that you can stay ahead of your competition.

We Help You Keep Your Data On Target

You've been sending bad data to clients for years and they've recently discovered your errors. Not only do we offer solutions to prevent this, we help you resolve this to re-establish trust with your clients. In addition, we offer verification services if your clients want to know if you work with us to audit your data.

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