We offer two types of workshops - one weekend class workshop and a corporate level workshop. Our weekend class workshop is offered once per year while our corporate level workshop is offered to high-level executives only. Due to the nature of both workshops, catering, low-level employees and some digital equipment are not allowed.

Security Workshop

(2019) Beyond Digital. Hackers have evolved beyond technical skills costing companies billions in major hacks and security breaches. In this workshop, we look at several advanced techniques to thwart hackers, saving your company or clients billions.

Cost: $3100. Contact To Enroll.

Lateral-Level Workshop

With security breaches costing billions, companies continue losing to hackers and infiltrators worldwide. Our prediction that hacks would only grow worse has continued. In this workshop, we work with companies on lateral-level security, a security need being overlooked by all firms in the world.

Cost: $5000. Contact To Request