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Security Solutions For Your Company

The average security breach or hack costs over $3 million per attack in the short term, with these costs continuing to rise. As more attacks occur, we're seeing changes in consumer behavior which add more costs to companies. Maixin Research estimates that changes in consumer behavior may result in some companies facing billions of dollars in losses.

All Security Solutions

The following apply to all of our security solutions:

Our Work With You Is Confidential and Custom. To protect your company from expensive hacks and breaches, we do not show or discuss who we work with and our continued promise is that our customers will always remain private. Whether you use our Hidro Security Solution or one of our alternatives, we never reveal our clients we work with in security. Hackers rely on public information and disclosure to compromise firms and hackers know most cybersecurity firms use their clients as a marketing tool. The inverse must also be true if we continue to work with you. A company that reveals us as its security provider will be terminated immediately.

We Build Unique Solutions For Your Safety. We do not create two identical security solutions for two separate clients. Identical solutions - like anti-virus applications - raise security risks.

Mean reversion. We emphasize quality security over financial growth through customer volume. Marketing efforts often offer hackers an attack vector. Our Hidro Security Solution is not offered through digital communication of any kind, ensuring your company's use remains private.

Hidro Security Solution

For firms requiring the highest level of security in appropriate legal jurisdictions, we offer our Hidro Security Solution. Due to the nature of cybersecurity, we will only discuss this solution in a physical context. Any digital contact about this solutino will be blocked immediately - we do not respond to digital communication about this solution.

Other Security Solutions

We only offer our Hidro Security Solution to a restricted number of clients. We offer alternatives to other private companies that address specific security and customer needs. The requirements for working with your company are as follows:

  • You are following the basic security principles.
  • You have an internal security team.
  • You request a specific security concern.

Cloud/On Premise Security

If you work in a custom made on-premise environment or a cloud environment, such as AWS, Azure, Yandex or other private cloud, we offer independent security solutions for your environment. To protect your company's reputation in addition to preventing costly hacks or security breaches, we offer solutions on the basis of your product. We will not offer comprehensive solutions, since the costs are enormous. Relative to your product, we will design solutions for your security.

Media-Level Security

Media companies have become the target of strategic attacks, exposing their inner workings, undermining their security, and damaging the reputation. Media companies that want to avoid having their reputation compromised can get in touch with us. Like our work with technical clients, we limit the number of companies we work with to avoid regression to the mean. In addition, if we discover any media firm not following our advice, we will terminate business immediately with the firm.

Talent Review

Talent can build or destroy the security of your company. For your peace of mind, we offer an intense talent review by starting with your organization. Since we are independent of your organization, we have no bias in favor or against any employee. We offer techniques along with recommendations about how to prevent leaks along with the risk-levels of any of your talent. This advice if followed will reduce the probability of experiencing a leak or damage to your security from an employee and result in significant savings.

Security Consultation

Since we offer Hidro Security to a limited number of clients, we offer security reviews for non-clients. We will review your strategy and make appropriate suggestions for improvement. In order to qualify for this consultation you must either have an internal security team which will take the appropriate suggestions that apply or work consistently with another security team.


Relative to your need, email help [at] fintekdev [dot] com for assistance with your subject being your specific need from the above list. Any email regarding our Hidro Security Solution will be permanently blocked.