FinTek Development Disclosure

The below applies to the entire site of FinTek Development, including our blog and all pages:

  • For security purposes, FinTek Development maintains no social media presence. Any social media account using our company name and pretending to be us is fake. We work with a select group of media companies who may use their own social media.
  • For the Hidro Security solution, do not contact us by email. We require that prospective clients speak with us in person in restricted form. We will not respond to any emails asking us about our Hidro Security solution by email.
  • Consider all digital contact with us compromised and review what information you're sharing, including your contact information.
  • Due to legal restrictions within some jurisdictions, we are unable to offer our Hidro Security solution to some countries. Our Hidro Security solution protects users, but cannot be developed in all legal jurisdictions in some cases.
  • Relative to the total cost and time of a project, we may not proceed with your project unless we have a good-faith deposit. In addition, relative to the ransomware infection, we may not be able to provide help. We highly suggest you contact our firm to prevent ransomware as prevention can be 10-20 multiples cheaper than a solution.
  • All distributed ledger or blockchain solutions follow the appropriate legal compliance of the jurisdiction in which they are developed. We will not develop any solution that uses a "token" or "coin" or other term which is an attempted substitute for legal tender. All solutions will use currencies of the legal system ("legal tender"), such as the Chinese Renminbi for The People's Republic of China, the Indian Rupee for India, or the US Dollar for the United States of America. If you contact us about any unlawful solution or request, we will block all further contact.
  • All images on this site have been used with permission from either Pixabay, Pexel or with permission from the photographer.
  • All references to research mentioned on our site has either been used with permission from the company or can be found through the links we share. We suggest following all links with extreme caution.
  • We do not allow comments and do not keep cookies on users outside of generic information related to views and sources of views from some websites. Because we value reader security, you should assume this is not true when viewing content on our site as it's always possible that it is (was) compromised at a point. Also, we never automatically redirect any reader to another site and we state our our external links by source names, like Reuters for a Reuters source. Follow links with extreme caution; we suggest copying the link address, verifying it, then visiting if you've confirmed it looks legitimate.
  • For our security solutions, client security and privacy remains are top concern. Due to the nature of our clients and solutions, we do not disclose information about our clients or employees who work with our security solutions.