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In this example, we want to group the data by month, quarter and half year (or six months). The video link (referenced at the end of this post) populated test data for demonstrating these GROUP BY statements. Below we see the code shown in the video (without the WHERE clauses). The below code shows the [Continue Reading ...]
Fastest and easiest way to copy a table.
Rather than explicitly create a table when we only want to copy a full table, we can create a copy of a table quickly with three lines of code. If we want to save time and create a copy of our data set, all we need to do is create the table copy with the syntax of I [Continue Reading ...]


Zooming out for the whole image of cybersecurity
This year, consumers have felt the danger of security breaches. Traditionally, we've seen attacks on companies processing payment information, receiving payments, or allow payments - from consumer merchants to financial institutions. In the past twelve [Continue Reading ...]
Large companies want more user information.
Reports in some media outlets have asserted that Facebook and Google have attempted to (or accessed) users' banking data. Upon research and discussion with people familiar with attempts, we have been able to discover some of the underlying requests (media articl [Continue Reading ...]