Affiliating With FinTek Development

We offer the following affiliate bonuses for projects involved in products that we do not exclude (see below for details):
  1. Projects up to $100,000. We offer an affiliate bonus of 7% for the first year's contract. If the first year contract is $50,000, as an affiliate you will get a bonus of $3,500.
  2. Projects over $100,000 and under $1,000,000. We offer an affiliate bonus of 10% for the first year's contract at the $100,000 level and 1% more after each $100,000 increment, such as 20% for projects starting at $1,000,000. This means that as an affiliate, you would receive a 15% bonus for a project of $500,000, which would be $75,000.
  3. Projects over $1,000,000. We offer an incentive structure greater than 20% and longer than the first year's contract, including possible passive income for the life of the project. You can get in touch with us about how we structure the incentives for large projects in this range.
Affiliate bonuses are based on closed projects, not estimated projects. Relative to the contract, you may receive some of the affiliate bonus early, if the project requires an initial deposit.

Product Exceptions: Hidro Security. We offer other security solutions than Hidro Security. Due to confidentiality, we maintain a strict client acceptance policy for Hidro Security that excludes affiliates.